Pattaya Restaurants Delivery

Pattaya Restaurant Delivery
Most restaurants in Pattaya don’t deliver, so we are launching a

delivery service in Pattaya and Bangkok to catter to that market.

Unlike others, we plan to offer this service 24 hours a day so people

can order at all hours of the day and night unlike other services like Wow Pattaya and Door2door Delivery.
What Areas Will Be Covered?
In Pattaya, delivery will be available where there are distribute

locations. Food available to be delivered will be mostly frozen or it

can be reheated before shipping. Service will be available in most

areas including but not limited to South Pattaya, the dark side,

Jomptien and Nakluah. Pickled products will also be available.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Food?
For our products of mostly home made frozen dinners, delivery will

depend on how close you are to the distributor, could be as little as 5

minutes but if you are far away it will take however long it takes, but

you are probably used to the distance anyways so it won’t make much

difference. If you are ordering food online from other restaurants that

are members of our website, you will need to wait for whatever

preperation time is required. Since it is not always easy to find places to eat in Pattaya.
How Much Does Food Delivery Cost In Pattaya?
In Pattaya, the cost of delivery will simply be the motorbike taxi

fee, unlike other websites like foodpand, door2door or WowPattaya, we

don’t add extra costs to the meals. Restaurants, just like food

manufacturers selling products on supermarket shelves will need to pay

us a commission and monthly fees reducing the cost to the end user. In

most cases the cost will be about 40-80 baht, depending on where you

are located. Of course for really far away locations the cost will be

more so it is always a good idea to order more food to make it worth

your while.

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