Comprehensive Pattaya Restaurants List

food Delivery Services Thailand In Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket

and Changmai
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Sometimes you might not want to eat out and might be looking at a food

delivery services in Thailand or any major cities like Pattaya,

Bangkok, Phuket or Changmai. Could be for the convenience, maybe you

don’t feel like going out? Might be too much traffic, Song Kran, riots

or any kind of inconvenience that often plague Thailand? You

might be a senior and getting all these groceries to fit on your

motorbike might be a problem? You might be looking for some food

available to be delivered

to your door 24 hours a day? While other websites offer that

service, it is not available 24/24 and completely ordering online and

paying is not an option.
Whatever the reason, food delivery service might be a great

option when and if available in your city of residence. While some

companies like waiter on wheels, wow Pattaya, Food Panda, Food By Phone

and others, they will not include frozen dinners that you can keep for

later. Additionally, Satearn is a food manufacturer, so you will mostly

be getting the food at cost minus the delivery charge. However, we also

have food from other restaurants available, but since our goal is to

promote our brand, we have no intention on making a profit on the

orders for other

suppliers. This will relate in lower cost for you.
What Can You Order Online From Our Food Delivery website?
We mostly specialize in home cooked meals that are usually


baked, the kind of food your mother would cook but made in Thailand. We

also carry Kosher pickles and a variety of other condiments and

beverages. For now frozen dinner products are Cottage Pie, Chicken

gravy dinner and meat loaf. Our gourmet artisan soups are chicken

noodle, cream of potato and french Canadian pea soup.

How Long Will The Order Take?

If you are near the location of the warehouse it will be much quicker

than ordering from regular restaurants since most of our meals are pre-

cooked and simply need to be reheated, if you have a microwave and want

to do the reheating on your own the delay could be minutes if you are

located near the supplied depot, especially in Pattaya and the

touristic areas of Bangkok.

What Kind Of Food Is On Offer?

The Satearn catalogue contains numerous products and can be viewed

online, the same goes for participating restaurants. But most of the

food is of western origin although participating Thai, Chinese, Korean

and Japanese suppliers are also available. We have on board a list of

restaurants the deliver in Pattaya and local areas.

Our main products are cottage pie, chicken dinners, meatloaf, chicken

noodle soup and French Canadian Pea soup. Most food is American,

Canadian, British,

French or Italian.

How Much Will It Cost?

For Satearn products the cost will be identical or slightly cheaper

than in supermarkets, the only charge is delivery. There is no charge

for management of the service and online transactions. For member

restaurants the cost will be incurred by them, so again simply the

deliver charge. In most cases in and around Thailand it will relate to

40-100 baht. Ordering multiples of more than one unit will of course

minimize the cost. Delivery

service is also now available 24 hours a day in Pattaya and Bangkok.

We are also working on a monthly plan where you can order

multiple items to be delivered to your door in on single

shipment, this way you can get a volume discount on your online order.
How Do I pay?
Some items can be paid by cash when delivered, it is also

possible to pay by credit card, Paypal or instant bank transfer.
Do you need a grocery delivery service?

people might be too busy or possibly phisically dissalbed and unable to

do their own shopping, for this reason we are planning on launching an online grocery shopping service across Thailand.

— List

of Pattaya Restaurants

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