Best Kosher Dills In Canada

Genuine Kosher Dills In Canada and Available In Vancouver

Craving some genuine Kosher dills on the East Coast? Can’t find any in Vancouver? Do you miss that genuine deli taste from Montreal and Ottawa? Satearn carries the best Kosher dills in North America, with our secret recipe of herbs and spices they make the tastiest pickles in North America. Thanks to our special low temperature treatment the pickles remain crunchy, although the are more tender than other dills. What is the advantage you may ask? Well for one thing we can distribute them with more ease in a multitude of small cities and locations in Canada. Additionally, fresh Kosher dills are only good for about 3 to 6 months refrigerated and a good pickle gains flavor with age. Fresh kosher dills loose their flavor after about 6 weeks on average. So the trip overseas by ship actually makes our pickles more flavorful than if they were manufactured locally in Canada. While exporting them by container ship might not be the best environmentally friendly solution, the are cooked using natural gaz and the water is pre-heated with solar panels, the fact the they are organic also further reduces the carbon footprint.
What is the difference between a Kosher Dill and a regular dill?
The difference is the fermentation process and the lack of vinegar, additionally, kosher dills require a lot less preservatives and coloring since their natural color if fermented properly and long enough is a dark beautiful olive green. This is especially important for us since Thai cucumbers have a whiter skin than the North American counterparts. Canning kosher dills is also a lot more problematic than their vinegar counterparts.
Where to buy Kosher dills in Vancouver and other Canadian cities?
These will be available in all major Canadian AND smaller cities including but not limited to Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton. We also plan to export them to American cities on the East and West Coast. They are of course available in Thailand as part of our local food delivery service.
Why are then made in Thailand?
Satearn is a western based and managed company, but the factory is located in Thailand for freshness of cucumbers and lower cost of production. If we were based in Canada we wouldn’t be able to compete with the larger Kosher Dill companies that use additives. Our cucumbers are organic and native to Thailand 365 days a year regardless of season, the same goes for the dill, garlic and other fresh ingredients. The cucumber variety native to Thailand also has a thicker skin that resists better to heat treatment keeping crisper than the ones available in Canada.
Satearn will be one of the first companies to manufacture Kosher foods in Thailand and Asia, While are pickles deffinetely have the “Kosher” taste, they are not certified yet. We are now in the process of getting the Kosher licence that will allow us to sell to the Jewish community in Thailand and export all over Asia in 2015.

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