Best Pies In Pattaya And Bangkok

What Makes A Delicious British Pie?
The answer is quite simple actually…the gravy! Since Satearn makes

delicious chicken gravy dinner, we have the know how to make fantastic

oven cooked pies with TONS OF GRAVY! Most meat pies sold in

Thailand have very little sauce and that makes them taste very dry, at

Satearn we have seen a need for proper British cuisine and although we

are not an English restaurant or company, we get the taste of England

just right and with a Canadian twist to boost! This is top quality pub

grub that you can enjoy at home without the expense and inconvenience

of eating out in restaurant.

Consistency Of The Product
Our meat pies are home made to specific parameters, the quantity and

quality is stricklty controlled. We put a lot of meat and gravy in

every portion. All natural ingredients are used and the sauce is made

from meat and bones broth, no bouillon consome are used.


water, sea salt, and chicken or pork meant/bones.

How To Buy Them And Where To Order?
We are famous for our pies in Pattaya and Bangkok and can deliver all

across Thailand also. They are available in grocery stores and

supermarkets. You can

also use our delivery service in Pattaya and Bangkok.

Since we own the company that actually makes the pies, there are no

extra shipping charges or commissions unlike other food delivery

websites in BKK/Pattaya and most of Thailand. You can expect to get

your pies in as long as it takes for the motorbike taxi to delivery

them to you. Our delivery service is available 24 hours a day in major

cities. It is advisable to order them frozen as if you do ask


them to be hot , the crust will not be as crispy. While they can be

microwaved, reheating them in the oven will give you the best taste.

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