24 hours food delivery Pattaya Bangkok

24 Hour Food Delivery Pattaya

Most restaurants and bars close at 2 am in Pattaya

and Bangkok(and

Thailand in general). The rest of the food is not available for

delivery 24 hour a day. Reason for this is lack of demand and high

costs associated with keeping staff 24/7. However, at Satearn, we have

a system that have distributors that stock frozen dinners in locations

across Thailand but mostly in Pattaya & Bangkok. If a location


near your residence you could have your meal delivered in as little as

5 minutes, as long as you have a microwave to reheat it! Or you could

have it heated up, but still it would get to your room faster than with

other services that rely on restaurants to cook the meals first. Our

ready dinners can be heated instantly cutting down the delivery time to

your residence.

Order Twenty Four Hours A Day
Since our food products are frozen and stored in freezers,

they are

available for delivery either frozen or microwaved, the former will

take an extra 10 minutes while the first option will only take as long

as needed to reach your home.
Pay for your food online
Another service we have in addition to 24 hours a day service

is the

possibility to pay and order online. This makes it even more convenient

and faster. All you need to do is choose the items you would like to

order, enter your address or locations either manually or with Google

maps marker. Fill out the form and either call or email us

automatically to completer your order, you will get an instant

notification via email or on your smart phone confirming the order.
Areas Of Service
While service in Bangkok is upcoming, Pattaya areas include

but are

not limited to Nakluah, the dark side, Jomptien beach, and east, south,

west and north Pattaya regions. We also plan to include our areas to

Bang Chang, Satahip and Sri Racha and other smaller Thai cities as we

increase our network of twenty four hours a day food delivery

distributors across Chonburi and Thailand. We also plan to add some

restaurants to our menu
selection based on our Pattaya

restaurants guide page.
Partner Restaurants In Pattaya
Since most restaurants are not open 24/7, not too many will be

available on our website. Additionally, if they are open all day and

all night they will have the problems mentioned in the first paragraph

of this article. However, some might still be able to offer this

service and you can order from them through this website 24/24 every

List of advantages to order pre-cooked frozen ready to eat


No need to deal with bitchy waitresses with no smile and

bad service
Have consistent food that tastes the same every time, Thai

restaurants are notorious for having food that is never the same from

visit to visit
Keep food in the freezer and be able to eat at anytime


of restaurant hours, hollidays or festivities, this is especially

helpful during Songkran in Pattaya and Bangkok where the streets are

just impossible to navigate
Have the same portion every time, our frozen dinners come

in sizes from 455-500 but the quantities are always the same
Ready to eat gourmet

meals are based on home cooked recipes, the

tastes is not just the same as in restaurants, and the recipes are

genuine, not from Thai staff

Items Available on the menu:

Cottage Pie
Chicken Dinner In Brown Sauce
Cabbager Rolls
Macaroni and Cheese
Chicken Noodle Soup
French Canadian Pea Soup

Past Complaints About These Types Of Websites
The three major players in this industry are www.wowpattaya.com

(same company as the one before) www.door2doorpattaya.com,


and http://www.foodpanda.co.th

with the later being new on the scene. The problem

is that by looking at reviews and feedback, one can see that their

deivery services are not very good, you can see a lot of complaints

from clients ranging from cold food, long delivery times and higher

prices. They make promises that the prices will be the same on the menu

as it is in the restaurant, but in reality the increaste the cost of

the food items. Most customers find that unethical. Additionally, they

quality of the food is not always on par, especially since this is a

fact of Thailand as stated in the paragraph above. The delivery charges

AND an extra commission is sometimes used , so you wind up paying

a lot more than if you simply went to eat over there and ordered take

away, however, of course, take out requires the client to get out

of the house witch defeats the whole purpose in the first


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