Homemade Hamburger Recipe

Delicious homemade hamburger recipe
How to Create the Best Home Made Hamburger

Hamburger Recipe :: Easy Homemade Hamburgers
Home made hamburgers have to be one of my favorite foods. Hamburgers have developed a reputation as junk food. This is just not true. Hamburgers are a good source of nutrients, protein and vitamins. What makes them “junk food” is buying them from junk restaurants.
Making your own homemade hamburger isn’t rocket science and this ten minute recipe is easy to make but one hundred percent better than what you might get from one of the chains. Hamburgers – just without the piece of plastic they use to buy kids’ love. As you might have guessed, I’m not a big fan of MacDonalds etc. Too true.
So here’s a simple guide to making your own hamburger at home. You can cook for them however you like. Pan is easiest. But when grilling a barbecue hamburger or broiler is a low-fat way of They, because of cooking, reduce the fat somehow passing onto the charcoal and producing flavor. Hamburgers are great on the grill or dropped into the drip tray under the grill (my own personal preference is to cook them on a Weber kettle barbecue – hands down, the best results). Best BBQ as far as I’m concerned. This makes 4 burgers. Just add the necessary ingredients for
You will need:

sharp knife

cutting board

Pan or heavy skillet (or grill)
1lb/500g ground sirloin

1 half large onion, grated or finely chopped

4 ground coriander, crushed

4 crushed chili powder

Dotted lines of fresh chilies on a black background

pinch of salt 1

tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce.

Lightly beat the eggs.
First mix all the ingredients in a bowl and using your hands shape it into four balls. Turn the heat on medium under the pan and add a small amount of oil. When the pan is hot, add the burgers, pushing them flat with a spatula. Cook about 3 minutes on each side for medium-rare, longer for well done, and less than rare.
Before the burger is ready, the inside of the bread is placed under the broiler or grilled or toasted. If using a grill or broiler, spread a little butter on the bun first. My personal preference for serving it is with a little mayo on the bottom of the bun and then with burgers, thin slices of raw onion, lettuce leaves, and Slice tomatoes, drizzle with a DAP of ketchup and a good helping of English mustard on the top half of the bread. But the great thing about making a hamburger is that making it at home you can add whatever you want. I like to serve them with homemade fries.
Apetite bones!

low fat burgers

low fat burgers

Healthy Home Made Burgers
For a low-fat, high-fiber homemade hamburger, replace the bun with whole-wheat bread, either steamed or grilled. The burger is cut out with mayo and butter and served with a good amount of lettuce.
Let it be said that all of my recipes are high in fat.

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