Pickled cucumbers

Pickled cucumbers
Pickled cucumbers are most often referred to as pickled cucumbers in the United States and Canada. It gets pickled in brine, vinegar or other solutions and then left to ferment for a period of time. Pickles can be produced by either soaking cucumbers in an acidic solution or by fermenting them.
One small melon is yellow.
Yellow is not just a pickle of some size. But it is also a specific variety of cucumber. Standard pickles are made from West Indian cucumbers. But saffron has become a term loosely used as small cucumbers pickled in a sweet vinegar brine, regardless of the variety of cucumber used.

dill pickles

It is a pickle made in the traditional New York City Jewish style, a pickle produced with a generous addition of garlic brine.
Polish style pickled cucumbers are a type of pickled cucumber developed in northern Europe and are exported all over the world and are found in the cuisine of many countries. Compared to other varieties of pickled cucumbers, they are prepared using the traditional process of fermentation in water natural salt, which makes them grow sour

There is no vinegar used in the brine of Polish-style pickled cucumbers. They are served as a side dish to vodka.
Lemon cucumber pickles are soaked in lemon juice rather than in brine. Salt, water, vinegar, and sugar are usually added after 24 hours of soaking in lemon juice along with the pickling spices, although this will work even more to increase the texture (by making them more beautiful) is a preservative The lemons are washed and then the vegetables are pickled.
Sliced ​​Swedish pickles are mixed with salt and pressed to drain some of the water from the cucumber slices. After that, they are placed in a jar of sweet-sour brine of vinegar, sugar, parsley and mustard seeds. Similar Danish Cucumber Salad But the cucumbers were not pressed, and the brine did not contain dill.
How to choose
For preparing pickles at home, use cucumbers that are small, young, dark green, firm and have a warty skin. While buying ready-made pickles, check the expiration date and appearance of the jar/can. The can should not bulge, leak or rust.
cooking uses
· Pickles are often served as a “side dish” to various lunches in the form of “pickle spears,” which are cut pickles lengthwise into chambers or sixths.

· Pickles may be used as a condiment on hamburgers or sandwiches. Others (usually in slice form) or on sausages or hot dogs in minced form are pickled to taste. Pickled slices are commonly referred to as chips.

· Pickled cucumbers are often used in a variety of dishes – for example, stuffed pickles, meatloaf, potato salad or chicken salad – or consumed alone as an appetizer.

· Pickles may also be used as Condiments on hamburger or other sandwiches (usually in slice form) or on sausages or hot dogs in chopped form.

Pickled · Also recommended in fried form, either plain fried or with bread surrounding the spears.
How to store
Pickled cucumbers should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
health benefits
· Sour pickled cucumbers (technically fruit) that is low in calories Large yellow ones may contain 25-40 calories.

· They also have a moderate amount of hard skin. K.Cucumbers’ vitamins are rich in fiber and contain a variety of beneficial minerals, including silica. potassium and magnesium

· Most sour pickled cucumbers are high in sodium, while sweet ones are rich in sugar and calorie content. They should be used only sparingly as part of an otherwise healthy diet.

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