Online grocers Thailand

Online Grocer Thailand
Are you looking for a grocery store that delivers food in Thailand?

It’s amazing to see that the large suerpmarket chains like Big C,

Tesco, Makro, Villa and Foodland don’t offer food delivery and the

service is even more less evident in firms like Foodmart and Friendship

supermarket in Pattaya and Bangkok.
Satearn is planning on being the first virtual online supermarket in

Thailand with first delivery zone to be established in Pattaya and

Bangkok. The products on offer will be a combination of Satearn’s own

items (manufactured by us), food stuff will will stock and items

available in larger bulk discount supermarkets.
Cost of delivery
Unlike our food delivery service that is available 24 hours a day,

online grocer shipping will only be available during business hours

since that is when the larger stores are open. Smaller items like

snacks and drinks will however still be available twenty four hours a

day as part of our door to door service. While it may be possible to

simply charge local taxi fees for restaurant and ready to eat items,

fething food for our clients in supermarkets will cost on a combination

of flat rate, per weight and cost per unit.
Available Zones
For non perishable food items the whole of Thailand will be

available for deliveries but in some cases it will be more like a

shipping service, it might worth the cost for clients that are very

isolated, but in the future we plan on opening outlets in larger Thai

cities like Changmai, Phuket, Chonburi ect.. In Pattaya all

muniicipalities are covered from Jomptien to the dark side.

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