Investment Opportunities Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya And Thailand Business Opportunities

Are you looking to invest in Thailand or Pattaya, Phyket, Changmai, Bankok or anywhere in this country? Satearn a food manufacturing company is now looking for investors, please contact us at founder @ for more information. Amount needed will be discussed with business plan. We need this to go nationwide and gain distribution in all major supermarkets.
We already have a presence in Pattaya and have had a faithful clientele for half a decade, but now we would like to hit other cities like Bangkok, Phuket, Chang Mai, Northern Thailand and other Thai regions.
We sell western products and most of the clientele is from western countries but our goal is to reach the Thai market, with a population of over 68 million people it would be a great opportunity. All investments required will go into tangible assests and professional services, if you are already in Thailand we can have a meeting and discuss the options, if not please use the contact information above and we can communicate via email until your arrival in Asia.
Basic Information About Starting A Business Or Investing In Thailand

Are you looking to relocate to Pattaya or anywhere in Thailand from the UK, Europe, or North America? The sunshine and the freedom of the land of smiles is attracting you over here all year long? Are you looking to start a business to be financially independent or something to keep you busy and add to your existing pension or income? Are you looking for ideas to make money in Thailand so you can retire and live here forever?
While you might know the answers to these questions, you will also need to know what kind of business you might be interested in having in general. Numerous choices are available but most of them are a waste and time of money. You need to make an informed decision on what kind of business or endeavor you are planning on starting. Sometimes doing it alone is the best option and sometimes it’s better to get a partner, foreigner or Thai.
Food manufacturing business

Since 2009 we have started Satearn Co. Ltd, a food processing company based in Pataya Thailand. Since it’s inception we have gotten very good results and sales are on the rise. We have about 6 products in local supermarkets but are looking at expanding nationally to Big C, Makro and Tesco Lotus. But in order to do so we will need investors. Motive for seeking investment for this venture in Thailand is the cost associated with getting the production licence, work permits, FDA approval and slotting fees for major supermarkets. While we mostly concentrate on pasteurized canned goods, we are also expanding into the frozen and fresh food products where multiple opportunities are present in the Siam Kingdom of Thailand and cities like Pattaya and Bangkok. Please contact us if you are interested in investing into our small business and we will send you our business plan with projections and market competition analysis.
Massage parlor, bar, restaurant, hair salon, souvenir shop

These kinds of businesses are rampant in Thailand, competition is fierce and profits are low. Bankruptcy rate is very high and these types of ventures are usually started an run at the expense of the foreigner and at the idea of the Thai women (usually bar girls). They often put the business in their name and either run it to the ground or in some cases make it work and then walk away with it leaving the original investor penny less! ­čśë
Guesthouse or Hotel

Now this kind of business can be more stable and lucrative…but it must be done well. In order to start a guesthouse in Pattaya one must be careful about the initial expenses. Too many foreign investors have put too much money in the up front cost and the lack of profits and time delay before break even point has lead many to total losses. When you start a guest house it’s important to start small, no need for lavish furnishings and electronics. A lot of items can be bought second hand, keep the budget open for necessities like clean pillows and bed sheets, pay the cleaning maid and staff generous salaries to do a better job and keep clients satisfied. A good name goes a long way in the guesthouse industry, we still have repeat customers from 6 years ago even if we are now closed.
You need a Website for your hotel or guest house

Fortunately for us, biguesthouse was built and ran by a webmaster. So the online promotion is already done for this business opportunity, you did find us online after all right? With an online presence, a Thai hotel or guesthouse can find clients all over the world, this is as important or even more than foot traffic. Although location also plays an important part in it.
IT And Web Design Business

A lot of businesses need websites in Thailand, and with the increasing popularity of content management systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal there is an increasing demand for web designers in Asia. While the help from investors would be minimal, it would still help a web designer get a work permit and allow him to get his foot off the ground. With enough funding, a web design firm with western management can yield great returns. This might not be a millions dollar idea, but nonetheless should be good enough for a retirement income to add to one’s pension. For example, while the investor might not work or contribute to the actual design process, he can still fund marketing and pay for a nicer place of business. In some cases some subcontracting can also be done and this is when financial help might be needed. Please contact us at the email above about this Thai investment idea.

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