Pattaya Food Delivery Service

24 Hour Food Delivery Pattaya And Bangkok
IMPORTANT INFORMATION – This website is getting traffic before we are ready to deliver!
Please contact us and you will get a discount on your next order, founder @ satearn.com or call 085-387-3092
Most restaurants and bars close at 2 am in Pattaya and

Bangkok. The rest of the food is not available for delivery 24 hours a

day. Reason for this is lack of demand and high costs associated with

keeping staff 24/7. However, at Satearn, we have a system that have

distributors that stock frozen dinners in locations across Thailand but

mostly in Pattaya & Bangkok. You can order and even pay online

for our frozen meals, our selection includes but is not limited to meat

pies, cottage pies, chicken dinner, cabbage rolls,

meat loaf, pea soup, chicken noodle soup and more!

So how does the system actually work? You can either order

directly from the website or place orders by phone or text message,

once you are a regular client, we can keep your freezer supplied with

delicious food all year round! Unlike most restaurants in Thailand, the

quality of our food is consistent and every portion will be identical

and the taste the same every time.

Order twenty four hours a day
Since our food products are frozen and stored in freezers,

they are available for delivery either frozen or microwaved, the former

will take an extra 10 minutes while the first option will only take as

long as needed to reach your home. Another service we have 24

hours a day is the possibility to

pay and order on line. This makes it even more convenient and

faster. We will also lauch a service where you can have someone buy your groceries for you and have them delivered to your home.
How much will it cost?

are no additional charges on orders, since we make the products

locally, no middle man is needed . We don’t charge more than


you would pay in a the supermarkets, most of our dinners start at 149

baht and the soups are 119. If you you order more than one item you can

get a discount on a sliding scale of 3 or more units. We also have

special disounts for restaurants that don’t wish to do any cooking. For

these cases, the frozen entree might not be in a the standard package

used in grocery stores but come instead in a plastic microwavable bag.

The can be shipped in boxes or larger plastic bags, you can also pick

up the items at our small Pattaya restaurant location instead of having

it brought to you. You can pay by credit card or direct bank transfer,

if you are a regular customer you can be by C.O.D.
Brief Reviews Of Food delivery services in Pattaya (but unavailable 24 hours a day)

Door 2 Door

This delivery service is located on third Road at 394/127Moo9, and

their number is 038 410 699. Same company as above. Both these websites

are located in Pattaya but have mixed reviews…


Waiter On


This is one of the first services to come on the scene, they have a

minimum cost of 150 B and they add 10% to the final order. No need to

tip and they have different rates depending on the delivery zones.


Food Panda:

This is a newcomer to the scene but well financed and

funded,they now

have 34 restaurants that deliver in Pattaya on their website. They seem

to be more organized and professional than the the 2 previous entries.

This is a very large company that has a presence in multiple S Asian

countries, so you can expect professional service, “should” that is!

Phone number is +66 22509281 BKK/+66 53241155 and they have live chat.


Nick The Pizza

Since pizza delivery is the classic item that gets delivered in cities

around the world, it’s not surprising that the demand is also present


Pattaya. While the pizzas are not as good as in the West (lacking


and paper thin crust)it is one of the only alternatives to have pizza

delivered to your home. They are located on Soi Bongkot2 and don’t

only sell pizza, they also have donairs and a variety of other fast



327/199 Moo 9, Soi Bongkot Soi 2, Pattaya, 20260,


+66 38 373 418


KFC ส่งอาหารพัทยา

Well no introduction is needed for this one, they have been delivering

food all across the world for years, so not surprisingly the also offer

the service in Pattaya and all major cities in Thailand. Problem is


fried chicken should be eaten fresh, and when delivered it gets less

crispy and on some occasions even a little soggy!Phone number is

Thai quick dial 1150. KFC

New York Pizza

Same as the one above, overpriced pizza with very little cheese and

toppings. Not sure how much they charge for delivery, probably no mark

up as they make the food themselves.340/16, Pattaya 3rd mobile:080 787



KPK Foods

This is not a restaurant but it does sell wholesale food. This is truly

a food delivery service and they have their own trucks but mostly cater

to restaurants more than individuals. Great for bar owners and small

establishments, food is mostly British fares and meats.

24 HOUR WHOLESALE HOT LINE – 038-416-470

KPK Front


Well, this is our website so no explanation is really needed…however,

unlike most of the others, we are a small company that manufactures the

food in house and then store it frozen. So there is no need for cooking

it on the spot. We then distribute the products to selected locations

with freezers and you order directly from them. If you need the food

reheated expect to wait an extra 15 minutes per oder or so. If you are

near the distributor you could get your gourmet meal in little as 5

minutes. There is absolutely no charge for this and we use Pattaya

motorbike taxis that the client has to pay for. Obviously no markup or

commission either because we are the manufacturer! Cash on delivery accepted for repeat customers.


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